Ayoub Rasmi, born October 22, 1993, is an Moroccan-Italian entrepreneur and business executive.
He is currently the Founder and CEO of Liv Rental.
Great dreamer, visionary and creative, lover of luxurious esthetics and artistic avant-garde.
Passionate about sports cars and fashion. Deeply inspired by the iconic figures of the 80s, both of cinema and music.
Rasmi is a mix of two different cultures, the Moroccan one of his origin and the Italian one acquired.

Early Beginnings

Rasmi is the firstborn of a normal family, a school teacher father and a housewife mother.
In the late 1990s he moved to Italy settling down along the shores of Cagliari, south Sardinia.

Growing up, he became passionate about soccer, motorcycles, and computer technology describing them to this day as his favorite childhood hobbies.
In 2011 he dropped out of high school at the age of 18 by undertaking the business of a dealer.

The following year he decided to continue his studies, thus graduating in foreign languages ​​and deciding not to continue with university.

In 2015 he moved to Genoa, his career starts right here where he made his first work experience, and as a self-learner he began to explore the online E-commerce sector, thus developing E-commerce of various kinds, especially in the world of fashion and tech which he resells a few years later. During this time he also became a property manager of various hospitality structures, including La Residenza Bendinelli Sauli.

Milan a step away from Marrakech

In 2018 he decided to move to Milan, to test new business ventures.
Here he founded Liv Rental, headquartered in Milan and Marrakech, a company that has as its core business the short-term rental of cars, apartments and other services in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The idea of opening a real business in the field was his primary goal in 2015, after several trips to his motherland, precisely in Marrakech.
During that time, he noticed a strong growth experienced by the tourism sector and he decided to focus on the real estate, investing in luxury apartments. 

He aimed to create something different, which would not force the client to adapt to the trip, but which would better satisfy his needs.

It has the mission of unite in the sake of comfort all customer needs: transportation, staying and accommodation, thus creating a tourist connection between Italy and Morocco. 

In 2019 Liv Rental started to manage the following Brands; Liv Milan, Liv Marrakech, Oasi Marrakech. 

In 2021 he became a member and official contributor of Entrepreneur Europe, a reference platform and magazine for entrepreneurs worldwide, this also marks the beginning of a new project, 7th Heaven Media.

Today, Rasmi lives between Milan and Marrakech, two cities that keep him constantly active in working and in public relations, now he is taking the most important step to consolidate his projects.

At the same time, he is committed to diversifying his business in different sectors, keeping open new investment opportunities also in the marketing and fashion sectors.

Morocco, 1998

Milan, 2019

Europe, 2021